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Tuesday, 30 - 04 - 2013

so at coop i had been talking to my boss about the spring fever tour and how i was gonna go today (informing her that i would be taking the day off). she saw how extremely excited i was and was really happy for me, she gave me the day off no problem. a few days ago, she asked if i was getting ready for the concert, i got really sad and informed her that i could no longer go because my parents weren’t allowing me. she felt really bad and even considered taking the day off to come along as a “Responsible adult”. today was the day of the show and when i walked into me office, this is what i was greeted by. she and my coworkers had decorated my space like a mini stage, with fake merch, and even changed my background, aswell as boughten me a coffee and some candy. This is one of the nicest things ANYONE has ever done for me and i almost started crying… these people are amazing and i am going to be so sad when my time here is done…. thank you all so much <3 it meant the world to me :’)

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